Describing your own brand is 100x harder than describing someone else's.

Why is it so difficult to describe yourself? This week's task was to figure out the personality of our own brands. 

Brand personality

Focused and thoughtful. Understanding and friendly.  Easy to talk to. Gets along well with everyone. Rational but imaginative. Decisive. Accommodating. Professional.

Brand traits

Focused but not narrow-minded. Rational but not uninspired. Intelligent but not pretentious. Balanced but not weak. Honest but discrete. Attentive but not obsessive. Calm but not boring.


My brand is a real person. Casual & friendly but always maintaining professionalism. Always grammatically correct with correct spelling. Aims to understand you – asks questions and listens to the answers and always responds back personally to you.


Hey, it’s Jess again.

Thanks for your time.

Want to get in touch?

Visual Lexicon

Color: soft colours. Black & white. Classic colours that could have been found a century ago and will still look good a century from now. Blues, greens, greys. Colours found in nature. No fluorescents or “artificial” colours.

Typography: Clean and simple, usually sans-serif. Avenir is a go-to font choice because of its clean and classic appearance.

General style notes: Strong lines. Photos generally cleaned up but not treated. As close to natural as possible. Limited colour palettes per piece, usually shades of a single colour combined with black, white, or grey.

Engagement methods




Visualize the tone


Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.31.35 AM.png




Project Brief


What are we marketing?

Research, discovery, and visualization of thoughts.

What is the role of the communications?

To make people excited about the way I see the world, and wanting to know how I can bring their ideas to life.  To get a graphic design contract with Destination BC as an independent designer.

Who are we trying to reach?

Destination BC or other similar companies.

What do we need to say?

I am a talented human being and a graphic designer who grew up on the edge of the world. I see things differently. I love British Columbia.

Why is this true and relevant?

I grew up on Haida Gwaii, and yes, I am a strong graphic designer, but I am a good person first. I don’t just have the right skills – I am the right person.

What is the competitive advantage?

A huge appreciation of the place that I live in, born from a life in the oceans and the forest, plus an extensive knowledge base from the wide range of jobs I’ve had, both in and out of the field of graphic designer.

What is the tone?

The tone is understanding. Friendly & genuine, but always professional. No slang but the occasional :)