My photography was featured by Destination BC!

Anyone who follows me know that I love the outdoors and I love British Columbia, so it makes sense that my goal is to get in with Destination BC. Over the last 2 weeks I've had two of my photos featured by Destination BC, which makes me incredibly happy! The photo that they most recently featured was one that I took a few years ago while I was still living on Haida Gwaii. It was a perfect day on Tow Hill Beach on the northern tip of the island. I was working at a fishing lodge as a tour guide so I had a group of people from Arizona that I was driving around on the island for a day tour of all my favourite local spots. While the famous "Blow Hole" wasn't blowing that day, we still had a blast exploring all the tidepools and wandering over the strange lunar landscape. 24 hours later and my picture has had almost 6,000 likes and hundreds of comments. How cool is that?