When I started sketching out ideas for branding myself, I was going down a path with the word "connection" in my mind as an overall theme but transparency is what seemed to be coming out on paper. I had planned on making a movie introducing myself through my dog, but she got injured so I wasn't able to spend the time filming. She's better now, and I've started filming, but I won't have enough footage in the scope of the project at hand. However, I'm going to scrap most of the stuff that I sketched out after realizing that a Juno movie wasn't going to happen and go back to that idea. It doesn't have to be a movie, it will just be stills instead. I'm going to send postcards to Tourism Vancouver Island, from Juno. I'm currently working on sketching out some new concepts. I feel better about going back this direction. After sending a few postcards (Hi! I'm Juno, this is where I went today, stay tuned to figure out where I'm going next; Hey! Juno again. This week I went to this new place; Juno here. I made a souvenir box, expect it soon), I'm going to send a souvenir package, including a message in a bottle (my resume), maybe a few shells, a feather. A scrapbook (my work, an intro to me as a person). A vial of rainwater from the far west coast of Vancouver Island. I'll make nice labels for everything. I'm working on gathering the photos that I'm going to use right now, and I've started brainstorming and sketching out postcard ideas and label designs.