Package Design - Task One: Deconstruction

Today was our first package design class, part of our third year curriculum in graphic design. The task at hand today was to take a piece of empty packaging that Nancy had accumulated over the summer and deconstruct her entire life based on the products she uses - just kidding. What we did do was take an empty product package and deconstruct it (carefully!). I was the lucky winner of an Aspirin box.


Once disassembling the box, I traced the outline onto paper, took measurements, and marked where the glue had been. The next step was to create another tracing, but this time concentrating on information rather than construction. I studied the hierarchy of information and labelled on which side each piece of information was to go, along with what the order of importance was. Finally, a third tracing was done on Bristol board - this was the sketch prototype (prototype prototype!). The final result is below.