McCormick Spices

We've started another packaging redesign project. This time the focus is on a food, beverage, or cosmetic product. Since my last project focused on cosmetics and everyone I've spoken to is doing beverages, I decided to look at redesigning a package that truly inconveniences my life on a daily basis: bags of spices - particularly the McCormick spices that dominate the spice aisle in almost every grocery store. The packages are made entirely of plastic and feature a nifty Ziploc that allows you to keep your spices fresh (which they spent years developing particularly to never close and to toss gratuitous amounts of spices into your cooking when you are trying to pour in a pinch). Their look is very consistent but nothing special, and the design doesn't reflect the heritage that McCormick brand spices have. 

If McCormick spices was a person, they would be described as: traveller, explorer, generous, charismatic, worldly, trying to be the greater good, forgiving, earthy, free, connected, easy going, driven. 

Keeping this in mind, I plan on creating a tall, triangular package that sits nicely in a cupboard and lays nicely in a drawer. There will be different heights of packages so that when they sit in front of each other on a shelf, you can still see the spices in the back - or if they were laying in a drawer, the spices contained would still be just as visible.  In order to achieve this I'm going to use clean, large, and colourful typography. I'm going to create an ornate compass graphic that is reminiscent of the current graphic on the original packaging and treat it like a wood etching, hopefully in white ink against the heavy brown card stock I'm using for the package itself.