This is the end!

WHEW! Well, that was quite the rollercoaster experience. Gluey fingers, satisfaction, anger, frustration, revelation, defeat, photos, success. It's amazing how good designs look when they're photographed. I've kind of got a thing for printing out designs lately and taking pictures of them for submissions, and I think it's really beneficial. Things just look great photographed, and it gives it such a sense of realism. What I'm getting at is that I was feeling defeated by the end of this project, but seeing my final designs photographed against a nice white background in a light box made everything better. Check it out: 


Pretty cool, isn't it? I'm pretty satisfied with the final result. Although I didn't manage to actually print directly on the tins, I think that the same effect was achieved using printed transparency sheets. The only plastic used is for the window and for a base for the lashes to sit on, which is much better than the previous package (100% plastic). All the instructional information is on a little circular accordion booklet inside the tin, leaving the outer label simple and clutter-free. Now, when you buy eyelashes and want to reuse them, you have somewhere to store them. Heading to a friend's place to get ready? Perfect, you can throw the tin in your purse. Even once the lashes are long gone, you can still use the tins for endless storage opportunities. The value of the product has greatly increased and the entire thing is much more attractive.

So what now? Over the next few days I'll edit shots and make everything look as perfect as possible, then create a poster showing the before and after packages side by side. And then, before we know it, we'll be elbows deep in our next project!