Now the ball is really rolling.


Last weekend I was sitting at my kitchen table at about midnight, and ideas just started pouring out. I decided to use small tins with windowed lids as packages for the eyelashes which will add value to the product. The tins can be used as storage for used eyelashes, becoming something you want to keep and reuse even long after the eyelashes are gone. I was greatly inspired by 1930s wallpapers and prints (since Revlon was founded in the 1930s I thought it appropriate). Each tin will be printed with a wallpaper-esque pattern, making them something to collect and hold onto for a long time. The brand logo will be printed on the plastic front of the tin (not blocking the product) and all other information will be on a paper wrapper securing the tin closed. The inside of the paper wrapper will have instructions on it, and the tin itself will be secured to a piece of cardboard as a hanger. The cardboard hanger piece will have all the copyright information and contact information as well as the barcode.