Package redesign, phase one

Have you ever bought false eyelashes? Ever notice that the entire wall of lashes is filled with identical packaging, despite being offered by countless companies?  I'm going to break the mold. Revlon is a popular-priced brand available around the world that has been building and culturing a fashion-forward cosmetics reputation since the 1940s. They are not afraid to try new things - they were the first cosmetic company to stop using animal testing, they designed the first ever cosmetic ad with an African-American model, they support numerous cancer societies and other humane societies around the globe, and the feature models ranging from age 13 to age 60. Despite all this cool stuff and innovation, their packages look exactly the same as everyone else's.


I'm interested in redesigning their packaging with a few key points in mind: 

1. Standing out from the wall of black rectangles. Seriously, every single package looks the same.  I want to explore circular packaging.

2. Reusability. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that almost every woman who uses false eyelashes reuses them at least once or twice (if not many, many more times). The package should function as a stylish (and protective) case. 

3. Transportability. Women (and girls) usually wear falsies on big nights. Big nights require getting ready in groups. But how do you bring your lashes from last weekend? In fact, where are your lashes from last weekend? The package should be durable enough to survive in a purse or makeup bag and small enough to fit in your pocket. 

4. Storability. If you're anything like me, space is a commodity when it comes to your makeup. I do my best to keep everything sorted and organized, but I still have to hunt for my mascara every morning. By making the packages stackable and attractive, women will be able to keep better track of their lashes and display them in a way they feel proud about.

So where do I go from here? The next thing I will do is head out and find examples of suitable tins or other circular containers. Once I find that, I will start tackling stackability and merchandising display.