Rewild Homes Ltd is a company based out of Nanaimo, BC that builds tiny homes.  I’ve spent the last five years creating and constantly managing an identity for the business, including a logo, collateral, an up-to-date blog and website with over 1500 unique visitors per week, print materials, and online advertising campaigns. Rewild Homes doesn’t just build small homes – they also help people make the shift to a more simplistic home in order to live a bigger life. 

I am now co-owner of Rewild Homes Ltd, in partnership with my husband Patrick. We build custom high-quality tiny homes on Vancouver Island and are recognized around the world for our homes. Tiny home design, client communication, administration - you name it, I do it. Along with creating and constantly managing a full identity and branding kit, I also direct and create advertising campaigns, manage all front end aspects of the business appearance, designed and continually maintain an income-drawing blog and website, and manage administrative aspects and perform secretarial duties. 

Clean design and friendly, straightforward language are crucial to the brand as a whole. Becoming an active member of the community by attending events with press material in hand, keeping an up-to-date blog and Facebook page, and hosting well-advertised open house days allowed the business to make leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. 


Logo, collateral, and press material.


Content, photography, and design. 


Targeted web advertisements & printed PR distribution.


Nanaimo Daily News, Shaw TV, Tiny House Swoon, VIU Journey Magazine.