McCormick bagged spices are a popular product and have a successful brand name behind them but their packaging is uninspiring and difficult to use. The company was started over a century ago and has been distributing spices around the globe for almost as long. They are a global leader in the marketing, manufacture, and distribution of spices, and the company dedicates a huge amount of effort (both in time and money) to practicing sustainable and worldly business. Their commitment to community service and bettering communities around the globe have helped to distinguish their spices as being part of a greater world plan. However, their packaging doesn’t represent any of that. The product that this repackaging project is focusing on are the spices found in plastic bags – but even the spices that come in glass jars could be repackaged to follow suit. 

This project won the Graphic Designers of Canada Student Scholarship Award for Vancouver Island in 2014.

A triangular package allows for easy stacking either vertically in a cupboard or horizontally in a drawer. Varying heights make it possible to see the spice label even when stacked 2 or 3 packages deep.  Large grained spices (peppercorns etc) are in the largest packages, medium grains are in the mid-size packages, and fine spices are in the smallest packages making it easy to find the spices needed. The tags are coloured to reflect the spices contained within.